Monday, July 7, 2014

The story of a pampered lady!



The story of a pampered lady!


I just recently had a major Birthday it had a zero in it (20th!) and to celebrate it I had was invited out to the Black Pelican Restaurant.

This is one of if not the best restaurant in the area and I’ve always wanted to go but it is expensive to say the least and truth be told I am a bit tight with a dollar when it comes to luxuries. Fortunately I had a super sexy person to take me out and treat me like the lady that I am. I will tell you up front that I do not have the words to express what this meant to me, to be taken out as my true-self and to be pampered by my hot date, I will however endeavor to do my best with this post. I don't normally go all out girly but this was a super special time for me and I wanted to do it up right for both my date and I. I have to say up front my date most certainly did go all in on this date!

I began my preparations early on Thursday afternoon with a body moisturizing then a nice manicure and pedicure I selected “I’m not really a waitress” by IPO for my nail color as my date had mentioned how much they loved seeing that color on me. I used a pumice stone on my feet to remove any hard dead skin which could mar my feet and heels looking their best I followed this by  soaking them in Aveeno lotion to really soften them up. I filed my nails into a nice oval shape prior to the application of the color, which I put on in two coats followed by two clear coats also by IPO which made the deep red color glisten like a strawberry lollipop does to a child.

I then started my bubble bath with Lavender scented bubble bath I like my bath to be near Lobster cooking levels prior to my entering this moist steaming pool of femininity. I try to attain a Zen like state before I languidly enter the scalding waters of this pool of feminine secrets. I will ease my toe in to test the waters before I will easing myself into the silky smooth waters of Lavender. Once I’ve eased myself in and allowed my body to acclimatize to the scalding water I will ease myself down so that my nose is just above the water level. I will just lay back and let the peaceful feeling soak into my very soul as I listen to soothing music in the background. After a indeterminate period of time my body will feel like Jell-O and my soul feels like it could slip from these earthly chains and just drift away, fortunately the cooling of my bath water keeps my soul bound to this earthly flesh instead of floating away as I’d like to do. Once I’ve reached a plateau of feminine relaxation I will pick up my lady Gillette and begin the process of removing what little bodily hair remains on my body after 18 months of Estrogen. Usually I almost feel like I can’t raise my hands to begin this hair removal process however a woman’s work is never done even if this work is to beautiful herself for a sexy date. In almost no time at all my body is as free of hair as the Lobsters my skin is beginning to resemble after soaking in these scalding waters.
 After easing my so soft and supple body from the bath I used a fluffy towel to dry myself followed by a liberal coating of body lotions with a wonderful Lavender scent, after all I want to smell fabulous for my hot date not to mention how my skin will feel when I’m rubbed in a woman’s most sensitive places later tonight.

Once my bath is completed I head to the makeup table to begin the makeup process needed to attract my mate to me. I had to start with a serious eyebrow plucking to bring my bushy brows into line as the should be, I did go a bit further than I planned but as long as it looks good then I’m fine with it. I started with an application of Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme  followed by thee Mac Prep and Prime to give me a soft and smooth complexion for my foundation to go onto. I then applied Mac Studio Fix Fluid to even my skin out and to cover what few flaws I may have. I followed this by applying my personal nemesis eyeliner, I used a midnight black color and put it on a bit thick due to this being a hot date, I completed my eyes with black mascara and steel blue eye shadow to go with the dress I was planning to wear. Needless to say by the time I was done with all of these preparations I was feeling pretty pretty! I was feeling like the most feminine of creatures. I selected a silver necklace and silver earrings and three and a half inch white sling back heels along with a Kim Rogers bag as my accessories.

I have to say it was quite the night having my date drive me to the restaurant and give me their arm when we were going into the busy restaurant. The funny thing is, I felt this was perfectly natural and what I wanted all along but could never express it to anyone before, I'm so glad my date is a mind reader! We had to wait about forty five minutes for a table but luckily my shoes were incredibly comfortable and I swunder I could do a marathon in them no problem, ok may be a bit of an exaggeration there. I did enjoy the time mingling with the other guests and I particularly enjoyed perusing the Jewelry on display, I didn't buy any but I promise you I will be back! When we were called for our table my super sexy date led me to our table and even had the good sense to offer my a arm when we had to go down a slight grade. Steep ramps can be a difficult thing in heels especially going down them but I have more than a bit of experience in wearing them so it wasn't an issue other that it gave me another reason to appreciate the thoughtfulness of my date. Once seated I have to admit I may have played it up a bit for the other patrons by putting my hand on my dates leg and there just may have been a bit of stroking going on as well! The black Pelican is world class food and I had a bit of a time deciding what to order but I finally decided on the Pecan Crusted Mahi Mahi which my date was gracious enough to order for me.
  The conversation while we waited for our culinary treat was absolutely delightful as was the huge Margarita my date ordered for me, you think somebody was trying to loosen me up so they would get lucky later that night? They needn't have worried about that! I have to say it was an incredible experience and the fact that there was a lightning storm in the near distance merely added to the magic of this fabulous night. When we finally did bid farewell to this delightful restaurant it was a great feeling to wait under cover with the other ladies as my date fetched our chariot to return us to our castle. I have to say this has to go down as my best day ever and I will always remember my first one! Love ya honey
I will let you use your imagination about what happened on our return to the castle, all I will say on the subject is OMG!
Love ya 

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